practical help with kWh Raw Data
October 15, 2021
Your carbon footprint

Climate Change Conference of the Parties 26

As the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties meeting 26 starts in Glasgow, Scotland: take the option to see how electricity data from your office, factory or warehouse can be accessed online and used to calculate a Carbon Footprint.

Demo data BlueSkies data portal from Carbon Counter
User : CO2Parties26
Password : glasg%w

This demo account display data with reports from :

  • advanced meter (with an integrated modem / SIM card}
  • A LoRaWAN optical pulse counter
  • Data collected by a Utility company meter
However, the data is collected, Carbon Counter will convert the data into a common format with 24 / 7 web access.

If you already have access to data from your electric meter, contact Carbon Counter to arrange a one month free trial.

If you don’t yet have access to the kWh data from your electric meter consider the Sensing labs optical pulse counter.

BBC Radio 4 commentary 2nd November

The point was raised that no number of life-style changes by citizens will affect climate changes.

Real impact on reducing global warming is achieved by the promotion and adaptation of new technology. This statement was explained by the decision of the UK Government to announce the phasing out of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030. The UK became the first G7 nation to decarbonise cars and vans.

The direction of policy for all major economies will be to set a date for the switch to none fossil fuel cars. Investment by car manufacturers in alternative decarbonised private transit options has increased.

The second example of Government policy promoting change cited Germany, described as a “sometimes” cloudy country that has introduced grid-scale deployment of PV panels supported by feed-in-tariffs and Federal legislation. Germany being an early adopter of PV technology, able and willing to pay the high costs for the new to market hardware, ensured a ROI for investors together with funding for renewables research and development.