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February 24, 2021
Arad Gladiator Water Meter

LoRaWAN Data integration R&D

The Carbon Counter AMR portal is hardware agnostic. Software scripts / coding is prepared to enable data from any hardware requested by clients to be added to their accounts in the portal.

The global position is that all hardware data sources are available for all clients, data sources are provided on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

The latest hardware to be added to Carbon Counter’s extensive data source list is the Arad Gladiator Volumetric Positive Displacement Water Meter LoRaWAN model.

Working with Carbon Counter clients expectation is that a large and varied collection of data sources can be quickly imported into the databases for in a common format. So the data from Arad Gladiator Water meters will be displayed in end-user accounts beside water data collected by HWM, Technolog, Ovarro and other data loggers.

The R&D process followed by Carbon Counter is the same for all new hardware to be added into portal

  1. If required put an NDA in place, then either buy a sample device or work with a partner client to install a remote trial hardware device.
  2. Read through the manufacturer’s software documentation to decode the payload received from the device. Let’s remember that many metering / data logging devices are powered by Lithium Batteries so data packets are as small as possible to contain the required information. In the early days of data logging the message size was restricted to two SMS messages of 144 characters
  3. Once prepared the scripts are used to decode the live data in an alpha testing version of Carbon Counter
  4. Progressing side by side with integration into Carbon Counter is testing of remote communications possibilities of the hardware.
    Can it be re-configured remotely?
    What is a reliable transmission range for the device to maintain good comms?
  5. Remember that automated meter readings need to be the same as eyeball meter readings, an essential part of the R&D completion is to confirm meter reads are correct.

Carbon Counter has over 40 data sources ready “out of the box”, if you are looking to quickly graph and report your energy emissions data contact us.

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