easy install data using sensing-lab
Sensing labs optical pulse counter
September 9, 2020
Arad Gladiator a Carbon Counter data source
Arad Gladiator LoRaWAN data integration R&D
March 30, 2021
Monitor Carbon Emissions Intelligently

Email Alerts if Carbon Emissions rise

  • Blue Skies Data View allows clients to set, customise and clear alarms

  • Alarm email alerts sent to a distribution list | graph included

  • Notify the Facilities Management Team about potential damage to buildings caused by water leaks

AMR data from the last 24 hours is checked for alarm activation events

When an alarm activates two events are scheduled.

  • The location status changes from Green to Amber / Red
  • Email is sent to stake-holders such as FM company, maintenance staff etc. Emails are optional and can be restricted to level RED alarms

The time of the alarm data review can be edited in the GUI. Many users opt to receive alarms from all locations at a fixed time early / mid-morning so that essential maintenance activities can be organised. Hopefully, locating and fixing the electric or water incident the same day.

Set-up Alarms in Blue Skies Data View | User guide