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Covid 19 Shutdown is changing CO2e
April 7, 2020
easy install data using sensing-lab
Sensing labs optical pulse counter
September 9, 2020

Data gathering using LoRaWAN

A winter scene meter readings are possible

Need meter reads in the depth of winter use automated meter readings

Adding pulse counters to in-situ meters is a cost-effective way of upgrading modern meters to provide automated meter readings.

The cost of gathering pulses has been drastically reduced through the roll-out of LoRAWAN (Low Frequency Long Range Wide Area Networks). Pulse counting data loggers can be fitted to most electric, water, gas and heat meters.

Adding a pulse counter to an electric meter used to need hardware such an integrated modem, cabling to LANs and perhaps a dedicated SIM data package for sending data to your AM&T portal using the cell phone network. Together with a few hours of technical support to install and commission the hardware.

LoRaWAN and IoT (Internet of Things) Devices are being rolled out around the world in many sectors, including Energy Monitoring and SMART cities. In much of Europe the LoRaWAN network is so robust that it is possible to simply fit one battery powered end-device onto a meter and receive data in Carbon Counter.

Very quickly, data packets of pulses, with time stamps can be converted into user-friendly graphs and reports to enable the AM&T (automated monitoring and targeting) process to start. You will be able to login to Carbon Counter and understand when Energy and Water can be saved.

Our AM&T software includes easy to use tools to help the process of reducing your Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Carbon Counter, is registered in Estonia with an operational centre in the United Kingdom. The beauty of LoRaWAN and IoT is that services can be set-up remotely throughout the world. Carbon Counter will recommend hardware devices and introduce your organisation to reliable hardware suppliers who are already sending data to Carbon Counter. Obtaining utilities data really is a simple “plug ‘n play” operation.

Carbon Counter works with Facilities Management operations, both in-house and out-sourced, to provide effective energy and water monitoring.

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