About Carbon Counter

Data from your Estate.

Processed into user-friendly reports

Are you a Facilities Manager?

With buildings in many cities with different Energy Suppliers?

Yes - Carbon Counter monitoring portal is ideal for you. Data from any system can be imported into Carbon Counter to be reviewed in one carefully designed User Interface.

Are you an independent?

With limited information about Energy usage in your sector?

Yes - Carbon Counter offers a great benchmarking tool, all independent organisations can benchmark together.

Tasked with reducing CO2e?

Job description broadened to include monitoring the carbon footprint?

Yes - Carbon Counter automatically produces simple one page reports for notice boards and offer tools to promote behavioural change to raise awareness of wastage.

Smart Meters or self-submit?

The numbers tell the same story

Yes - live smart metering data is useful, energy wastage and water leaks are detected. Meter reads gathered with a touch and notepad can also be sent to Carbon Counter as self-submit, see table below

 Smart Meter DataSelf submit meter reads
Calculate ADU (average daily usage)YesYes
Benchmark against similar buildingsYesYes
Generate Monthly ReportsYesYes
Calculate Dynamic ForecastsYesYes
Calculate CO2e for buildings utilities usageYesYes
Near real-time dataYesNo
Check on the status of smart meter / data loggerYesN/A
Automated email alerts about excessive usageYesNo
Report minimum night usageYesNo