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January 9, 2020

CO2e added to your job description?

Carbon Manager

Well first, congratulations. Your boss has confidence in your ability and has trusted you to make a big difference to attitudes about global climate change throughout the organisation / company.

Second congratulations, for using the internet precisely | entering the keywords into a search engine that brought you to

Where to start?

Using old Energy Company invoices which display meter reads, a start can be made to understanding what the CO2e carbon footprint was, input these meter reads into Carbon Counter.

Now we know average daily consumption, have an accurate estimate of all daily meter reads and data to forecast future energy and water needs.

Next task will be to audit your existing electric, gas and water meters and contact the Utility Companies about the options for collecting the data remotely where you have smart meters fitted.

Many meters can be retro-fitted with a data monitoring pulse counter or optical reader. Regulations for attaching data loggers varied around the world.

Hopefully, with technical support (and an LoA) your meter data can be sent Carbon Counter every day and the process of managing change begins. Together we’ll agree some targets, make forecasts and set levels for email alarms.

Every day, as new data arrives into the Carbon Counter your usage is checked. Below is an extract from an email alert which shows water flow during the night of about 500 litres / hour.

Leaking water might, very quickly, damage buildings with associated expensive repairs costs.

Let’s work together to impress your work colleagues.

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